Outdoor Education for Kids : 3 Factors To Remember

As much as they are fun, outdoor education must be well-thought out and well-planned to derive optimum benefits.

  • Proper Planning

It is entirely the responsibility of the teachers and the institution to ensure the safety of the students in an open environment. Proper planning is imperative while deciding on the place, the time and duration of the event , etc. A checklist must be prepared to include the right clothing and footwear, emergency medication, potential hazards and rules and regulations. Emergency contact numbers, first-aid kits, etc must be included in the list of must-haves.

  • Parental Involvement

Extra adult supervision is always welcome when there is a group of students involved. What better way to rope in parents who can also make use of the opportunity to know their children better! Apart from supervising the group, parents can also be allowed to share their useful knowledge and insights they’ve gained from experience.

  • Active student participation

There are no hard and fast rules for learning when it comes to outdoor education. A restriction-free guidance along with adult supervision will help to bring out the best in them. Students must be encouraged to make the most of the outdoor opportunity to expand their learning process beyond book knowledge.