• Increases Environmental Awareness

Outdoor schooling is a fun way of bringing students closer to nature and the environment around them. It provides a good exposure to the various weather conditions and teaches them to adapt to the challenges of an open environment. Above all, students learn first hand about the implications of land and water pollution. It is a great way to instill the traits of respecting the environment and implementing the old adage “live and let live”.

  • Inculcates good traits and fosters great bonds

Outdoor education involves a lot of teamwork. Teamwork invariably brings out the need to adjust, co-exist, help and adapt to many impromptu situations. This is a great learning curve for children where they learn to make the most of one’s talents. Learning to respect others’ ideas and opinions and dealing with small conflicts are inculcated through outdoor education. Children end up forging great bonds of friendship and mutual respect.

  • Helps build everlasting memories of school life

Trekking, hiking, and camping outdoors with fellow students and teachers is something that happens only in school and college. The takeaway here are those fun-filled memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. So are the values, habits and positive thoughts that come along with the experience. Outdoor education also teaches important life skills and survival skills that are far more valuable than theoretical learning.